Finish assembling your guest list solution.

A guest list app with more than just a plus 1.

Helping event planners put a face to a name


  • Upload guest list data to the cloud
  • Select, source and match pictures of guests
  • Share or print a copy before, during and after event
  • Save and retain past selections in your cloud


  • Sophisticated picture sourcing engine powered by Microsoft Bing
  • Easy-to-use tools for fast cropping and positioning
  • Smart memory of picture selection from past events
  • Downloadable exports for automatic compilation and print out


  • Select pictures of guests in minutes instead of hours
  • Clearly identify your audience, keeping your door secure
  • Combine guest list and tip sheets
    for a digital 1-stop-shop
  • Access pictures on unlimited tablets and mobile phones

Simple Integration

Guest List Solution

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Picture Add-on

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per event

USD 45/Add-on per event

Questions? We hear you

Can I select names for zFace?

Yes, you can manually select which names will be sourced for zFace.

Where do the pictures come from?

Microsoft Bing takes each guest name chosen, searches the internet and pulls up to 10 photo suggestions for you to choose from. Alternatively, the system offers a manual upload feature.

Do I have to match guest pictures every time?

You must manually confirm pictures before they are being displayed, however, over time zFace becomes smarter and remembers past choices allowing for faster matching.

Where are pictures being stored that I upload from my own repository?

All pictures are stored in your own personal and secured zkipster cloud powered by Microsoft Azure. Only pictures previously matched will be saved and stored for future selection.

Does anybody else have access to the pictures I match and upload?

No data is being share across accounts, only within your own platform. Owners of your account login information (password and user name) are the only ones to have access to guests’ pictures and information.

Is there any storage limit in size and number of pictures?

The system's storage memory has no limit. Note that pictures are being automatically resized to 200x200 pixels, which can increase loading time on apps.

Can I access zFace via zkipster's app?

zFace is an add-on embedded in zkipster's guest list solution. Once activated for an event, you can use the switchboard on the app's interface to change view from list to tiles.

Can I export pictures to a tip sheet?

Guest pictures selected can be exported to a printable tip sheet format. Go to your account home page and click on printer icon.

Can I prioritize pictures on zFace?

Prioritizing pictures is not possible at this moment, but you can edit guest lists and important names and place number values in the beginning to reorder them.

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