3 Steps for Instagram Success as an Event Planner

Do you have an Instagram account yet? If not, it’s time to start embracing the platform that has taken off over the past few years.

Many marketers will tell you that Instagram is now one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal – surpassing Twitter and Facebook! But how can we use Instagram as event planners? Here are a few tips on how you can leverage the platform for success as an event planner.

1. Get Image Crazy

One of the great things about the events industry is that we have great images at our fingertips. Our live events are a hotspot for great photos and we usually have more photos then we know what to do with. The first step in being successful on Instagram is to have a lot of visual content available to share. And – don’t just share pictures of the event itself. Get creative and share pictures of your team working to plan the event, the behind the scenes set up, and other day-to-day activities. Believe it or not, your target audience wants to know the work that goes into an event just as much as they want to know the outcome. Collect images as frequently as you can that showcase a wide variety of the work that you do.

2. Post with Relevant Hashtags

Once you’ve got great images from your events, sharing them on Instagram is easy. You don’t need a lot of content, just the picture and a description and lots of hashtags! For success on Instagram, consider using seven or more hashtags for each post that will engage a larger audience beyond those who currently follows you. You don’t have as tight of a character limit on Instagram as you do on Twitter, so you have a little more room to play with your caption and hashtags. You can use the filters in Instagram to edit your pictures, or you can edit them using other apps like Photoshop Express before posting them on Instagram. I prefer to edit externally because it gives me more control over fine-tuning the editing, but the Instagram features are great as well.

3. Engage with Your Audience

As with any social network, great Instagram accounts have a person behind them that engages on a regular basis. As an event planner, make sure that you follow people in relevant industries and engage with their content. Like their images, comment on their posts, and stay engaged with them. You will find that the more you interact with other people, the more they will respond. This is critical for growing your following and finding a larger reach with your content. A lot of people think that they can just post a ton of content and throngs of people will come looking for it, but that’s not the case. You have to promote the work that you’re doing and the best way to do that is by authentically engaging with people in the industry and your target audience.

With these three steps, Instagram will become one of your most valuable event planning tools. You can reach a large audience and drive traffic to the work that you do and your business. Don’t be fooled into thinking that social networks should only used for entertainment – they are valuable business tools that can drive new clients for your business. Instagram and other social networks can be extremely useful in assembling your guest list and raising awareness for your brand. Be engaged and stay committed to the platform and you will see great results.

Focus on incorporating Instagram into your daily routine, but don’t forget to check back to explore some of Zkipster’s other guest list resources for additional expert insight on how to better plan your events.

Liz King
Liz King

Guest blogger Liz King is a NYC based event planner, passionate about technology. She works with entrepreneurs and brands to host strategic events to grow brands and deepen the relationship with their target market. She is the brainchild behind TechsyTalk, a platform bridging the gap between event tech and the event planner.