Jun 27, 2014 by David Becker

3 Corporate Event Ideas That Don’t Suck

When you’re trying to come up with new ideas for your corporate event, it can help to look at trends that are sweeping other kinds of events.

Here are three trends from the worlds of food, nightlife, and academia that you can easily adapt. to make your corporate event go from boring to memorable in no time!

Have a Food Truck Rally

Instead of relying on standard catering companies, get in touch with a few local favorite food trucks to see if they’re available for your event. Food_TruckArrange the trucks in a dedicated part of the parking lot of your venue, and set up a couple rows of picnic tables to create a laid-back, festival vibe. You can also have a truck that serves coffee, snacks, or desserts parked closer to an exit and encourage your guests to stop by throughout the rest of the day during any downtime.

Guests would likely appreciate a break from the usual catering fare, and any foodies in attendance would enjoy the connection to your local culinary scene. It’s also another way to encourage attendees to get up, stay fit and get moving throughout the day.

Host a Trivia Night

TriviaTrivia nights are greatly increasing in popularity in bars across the country, and for good reason: people love a little competition, to show off what they know, and winning prizes. TriviaIncorporating a trivia game into your event is not only entertaining, but educational and encourages team-building as well.

The key is to have a wide variety of questions. You can draw the trivia from your company’s history, recent successes, current goals and campaigns, and company policies. But to keep it interesting it’s best to broaden your horizons by also including questions about your industry as a whole and fun topics that can still be related to your company. For example, if your event is a conference for wedding planners, topics can also include wedding traditions around the world, or how love affects the brain. It’s also a good idea to vary the types of questions. Twenty rounds of simple questions and answers can get dull. Mixing it up with questions involving pictures, film clips, and music will keep your guests’ attention.

Prizes can include anything from swag with your company logo on it, to gift certificates to restaurants around town, to extra vacation days.

When In Doubt, Add PuppiesPuppies

PuppiesTake a cue from college campuses, who’ve been bringing in dogs to help students survive their week of finals, and set up a room where your guests can take a break by playing with some puppies. Spending time with animals helps reduce stress, and as anyone who’s spent five minutes on the Internet can tell you, they provide endless amounts of entertainment, laughter, and warm fuzzies. Therapy Dogs International has been putting in the research to back this up. “It has been clinically proven that through petting, touching, and talking with animals, blood pressure is lowered and stress is relieved.”

There are two options for getting animals to come to your event. Therapy dogs are professionals who travel to schools, hospitals, and events so they’re specially trained to handle new people and crowds. The Good Dog Foundation can establish a partnership with your company to either set up a one-time event, or create a long-term relationship. Or, you can connect with a local animal shelter. They can bring a few dogs to socialize with, and guests would have the opportunity to adopt any of the visitors if they end up connecting with any pup in particular. The shelter could also have a table set up for donations or signing up to volunteer.

Remember corporate event ideas don’t always have to be a bore. Get creative (or get a puppy)!

What are some ways you’ve spiced up your corporate event? Let us know in the COMMENT section below, and as always, Happy Planning!