Feb 08, 2017 by Tamar Stein

What Event Planners Can Learn from Fashion Influencers

New York Fashion Week, kicking off a month of global fashion events, is often considered one of the most important weeks to watch in the industry. Not just for the brands, but for what the guests are up to as well.

Event pros: as more designers integrate technology in their shows, it’s important to keep in touch with how Fashion Week guests are using technology to interact with fashion events.

Seeing what apps keep your guests glued to their screens can lead you to those crucial ah-ha moments when you’re strategizing how to incorporate technology into your fashion events. From offering special in-app deals at your event to smoothly integrating the services your guests already like to use, you can use creativity and connections to make your event stand out.

The surge of fashion-centric and New York-based apps has made apps a key part of guests navigating NYFW. That’s a trend that we all should keep an eye on. Guests choosing to adopt certain apps and tools give us important clues what kind of experiences they want out of their events.

Even if you don’t do fashion events, take note: we see all the time that fashion is a front-runner in event tech and social media that other industries are sure to follow.

Here are a few popular tools, and some underlying trends they herald:

Social Media: Real-time sharing is now

Social media at runway shows is a given, but guests are using their social media for more than just snapping a few pics for their friends. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram, that increasingly focus on in-the-moment local sharing to broad follower networks, mean that more people than ever before have access to almost-realtime feeds of what’s happening at your events.

Keep in mind the social influencers on your guest list, and how their own audiences are relevant to your event goals. Make sure the relevant influencers get good seats and have good angles to broadcast to their followers. And make sure that they have a stable connection to do so!

Influencers are your spontaneous event promoters. The better their experience, the more excited they’ll be in that role.

Social influencers at your events are important connections – make sure they feel the same! Photo credit: Wikipedia

Vogue Runway: Push notifications are pushing out paper

The quintessential fashion event app, Vogue Runway is a NYFW guest go-to for everything fashion week. How did it get there? A key part of the success is the stream of frequent updates being pushed via the app that helps remove the need for keeping track of a stack of event guides and notes.

The app is constantly being updated with info on all of the events and runway shows, including photos, videos, and reviews. Flyers and pamphlets, like paper guest lists, nowadays face stiff competition from tech-driven alternatives.

Moda Operandi: Frictionless shopping connects guests to the action

Moda Operandi is the original “shop-the-runway” app – pieces are available for purchase as soon as the model steps off the runway. Rather than relying on notes about favorite outfits or snapping pics to curate later, guests at runway shows frequently use Moda Operandi to land the looks they want from shows right away.

People like being connected to the heart of the action happening at events. Tap a button, and now you own something that had thousands of eyes on it minutes before. Clever solutions that flip the tables on a conventional approach lead to instantly memorable experiences.

Fad: Instant reference points help connect experts and outsiders

Fad is an instant fashion dictionary in your pocket, for guests and planners both. The app has thousands of fashion-related terms, organized by category, to help guests avoid those awkward moments of distinguishing between couture and prêt-à-porter on the fly.

NYFW newbies on both sides of the fence are happy to make use of this app at social events that might otherwise tax their fashion vocabulary. Especially at events that have grown out of tradeshow or industry roots, guests from different backgrounds might find themselves at a loss when the time comes for engaging conversation.

Fad can help bridge those conversation gaps at events where guests might range from industry veterans to up-and-comers – always good for the smooth social rapport that helps achieve the right atmosphere.

In conclusion

Every angle of New York Fashion Week is hectic, but event planners especially tend to see the rush of fashion week more from behind the scenes. Looking at things from the other side of the fence is a mental refresh we all need now and then.

Great events are built on a foundation of understanding what your guests want, and the little icons on their phones can be just the kind of window inside you might need.

top photo credit: odibodi