Feb 11, 2014 by David Becker

Event Tech Spotlight: Queen of Stream, Adriana Kaegi

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than how much is a video worth? As an event planner, you’re sure to want memories of your event.

Pictures are okay, but what if with one fell swoop you could have your memories and create paid, earned and owned media? Well, that one fell swoop is Adriana Kaegi.

Armed with only a small camera that can fit in her purse and some superb editing skills, she can produce high quality event video content. She is the epitome of a “one-woman show.” The key to her success is her ability to blend in seamlessly with the events she covers and to weave together a story so quickly in the immediate post-event hours that she can “deliver the footage before you wake up.”

Adriana Kaegi is what you might call a maverick. She has been an early adapter of video content for the web since producing and hosting one of the first interactive live web-casts called “Cyber Cabaret,” giving her the nickname, “Queen of Stream.” She’s done it all, from touring the world with her band Kid Creole and Coconuts, to designing her own fashion line, and Adriana has since taken her extensive knowledge of music, fashion and online web casting and started her own company called Dear Addy Digital Media.

The event videos she produces allow you to not only immortalize your event on film and give those who cannot make it the next but thing, but can also provide you with a ready made sales tool for sponsors. She combines production, PR and publishing all in one. She uses her own network of distribution on sights On.AOL. Each video is it’s own “360° press release,” and anything that makes life a little easier on event planners you know we support! Check out some of her work below and follow her on twitter. Event tech that’s the whole package!

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