Jan 05, 2018 by Alex Carter

Improving Online Invitations and Check-In at PR Agency Events

In a line of work all about making the right impressions, events are a crucial piece of the puzzle. Olivia Smith, Event Manager at London-based Push PR, shares a few thoughts on how effective event tools can make a PR event stand apart.


Every detail matters

In Olivia’s words: everything needs to be slick, quick, and look professional. That goes from published campaigns all the way to event invitations.

It’s sometimes the little things that can make a big impression on discerning guests – adding little personalizations to invitations, having printed name badges ready for plus-ones, or arranging seating charts so guests with more in common are placed together. Any of these finesses are possible to do manually, but made infinitely easier with event management software designed for it.

And that speaks to the next point Olivia alludes to:

Make life easy for yourself

Manual invitation management is laborious and time-consuming, especially with the Push PR team already investing so much energy into other important details.

Olivia described their old process, familiar to almost every event planner who’s had to coordinate RSVPs for a large event – the painstaking Excel spreadsheet of names and press submitted by multiple teams, compiled by hand into one big mail merge, and sent out hoping it would make it through the recipient’s mail filters, with almost no information about who opened or clicked. Then, hundreds of individual RSVPs to collate and update in the guest list.

As she says, “Now, with zkipster, we have all the information in one place. Using this technology gives us so much more control.” Which turns directly into more control over the success of the event, and more time to invest in the essentials.

Clean and organized data = useful data

To showcase and publicize their clients, the Push PR team frequently hosts and manages events both externally and in their own luxury showroom. These events host influencers, bloggers, media, press, and other influential individuals – which means a lot of people to keep organized, from the initial contact and invitation to the final follow up.

Push PR creates sleek and professional invitations using zkipster, but, just as importantly, also uses the guest list manager to keep their guest  workflow running at peak efficiency, with the long list of invited industry professionals and VIPs organized and ready to go.

Having all the information in one place and maintaining control of it digitally means the Push PR team can focus on what matters most: The event itself, and the experiences and connections that happen at it.