Travel Packing Tips for the Tech Savvy EventProf

The more conferences and events I go to, the more I see the same familiar sight; 3 or 4 people crowded around one power outlet, while many more mill about searching for another place to plug-in.

Whether we like it or not, it’s important to stay connected, and this is especially true when we’re traveling for work or at a conference.

What, then, are the two main things that can keep us connected? A power charge and internet access, of course! Without at least some juice in your device, you’re pretty much stuck. Unfortunately, while figuring out the What of this problem was pretty easy, figuring out the How is where things get a little tricky. Here are some tech travel packing tips to make sure you stay connected.

What should you bring?

Multi-outlet surge protector. These will come in handy when one outlet just isn’t enough. These days they even come with USB chargers to easily connect your USB devices like a mobile phone. Be prepared for people to ask (or not ask) to use some of your outlets if they’re available.

Portable mobile phone charger. I just bought a $20 portable USB charger from CVS and it works wonders! Charge the tube at home and you’ve got at least one full charge on you that doesn’t require an outlet. The only caveat being you do have to remember to charge it after each use, but it’s small portable and useful. I never leave home without it!

Portable laptop charger. Thought there were only mobile chargers available? Think again! If, like me, you find your laptop batterery lasts only a few hourse at best then a backup laptop battery is the way to go.

MiFi – Mobile HotSpot. Most conferences these days know well enough to provide a WiFi account for attendees, but in case they don’t or in case the network gets overloaded with users, it’s always great to have a MiFi handy. If you’ve got important work to do, don’t rely on some else’s WiFi.


Use a business card scanner app. One of the fun parts of networking is collecting business cards. One of the not so fun parts is figuring where to put them once you have them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got business cards everywhere. They just seem to not want to stay in one place. That’s why I recommend downloading a business card scanner app. Get rid of all that paper!

Bring a portable Speaker. I just got a JBL Flip and I bring it everywhere! A little music goes a long way and it’s a great way to make friends! The party is where you are and with the Bluetooth technology, it’s super easy to set up.
There you have it, our tech travel packing tips! With these items packed away you’re sure to stay connected and plugged in, but only if you want to be, of course. A couple of these items are even sure to make you some new friends.

Happy planning!