zkipster Uses Event Planner Pro Tips

Much like being an event planner, working at a start-up requires you to be able to think on your feet. For example, the NYC based zkipster team is currently working out of our favorite neighborhood coffee shop Culture Espresso!

This is, unfortunately, not by choice (although I’m sure there are times when zkipster team members wish they were permanently attached to a Culture coffee drip). Our Internet is down. Woe is me!

To be fair, this isn’t a frequent problem. It just so happens to be one today.

zkipster is currently based in a co-working space located next to Bryant Park. We share our workspace with a number of other small companies and start-ups. Soon, zkipster will move to its own offices, but for now we’re enjoying the people and the locale!

Being in a co-working space is great, especially when you have an internationally based company like zkipster. We have people in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Zurich and Prague. Despite our team’s globetrotting ways, we can all keep in touch and constant contact. Skype is most definitely our friend. There are times when we find our numbers at Home Base have dwindled down to two or even one, and its then when being in a co-working space is most beneficial. There’s networking, sharing of information, – even if that information is simply finding out where’s the best sandwich place in the neighborhood? (It’s The Picnic Basket, btw) – and there’s a constant opportunity to learn something new from your fellow comrades in working space.

As for our slight hiccup, we took a leaf out of our own book Event Planning 101 and made sure to stay calm and adjust quickly. Some of us immediately went to Culture, while the others of our team figured out how to tether their latops to their iPhone’s internet with much success. Being online is super important and we never want to be unavailable to our clients. Problems arise for everyone; it’s simply a fact of life. It’s how you deal with them that really matter. Today’s situation gave us the opportunity to work together and come up with creative and resourceful ways to deal with a crisis.

zkipster – 1
Time Warner Cable – 0