Update Notes – 4.2.0

Feb 19, 2018

Teams are using zkipster with more team members, more invitations and guest list management, and for more events than ever.

The need to efficiently manage a complex team within zkipster is on the rise. We’ve heard you, and are introducing more tools to help you easily manage changing teams and collaborators, and help Enterprise users enforce stricter security requirements across the board. Stay tuned for even more team management features on the horizon.

Version 4.2.0 focuses on more and better team management and Enterprise-grade security tools, including:

  • Enterprise Password Policy Configuration:¬†Enterprise accounts now have a new tab under Account Settings called “Security” where account administrators can define the password policy (including minimum password strength, and length of time before a refreshed password is required) for their users and also force an instant global password change.
  • Redesigned User Profile Screen: The user profile screen has been fully redesigned with a more intuitive layout and a full description of the user’s role within zkipster. Changing a password has also been revamped to support the new password policy definition changes.
  • User Account Deactivation:¬†Admins now can deactivate individual user accounts from the team members page. This prevents that account from accessing zkipster, which is useful for making sure your event and guest data is secure. Admins can now also enable automatic account deactivation after multiple failed login attempts.
  • Default Phone Country Code on RSVP forms: Within the RSVP form composer, in the phone numbers field under response fields, you may now define the default country code that should be displayed to guests when RSVPing. If the guest already has a phone number defined then the defined country code will be taken instead for that guest.

Here’s the full list:

New Features

  • [All accounts] The User Profile page has been redesigned with a more intuitive layout and updated password reset process
  • [Professional] RSVP form composer now supports custom defined default country code for phone number response fields
  • [Enterprise only] Admin users now have a new Security page under Account Settings with new account security settings, detailed below
  • [Enterprise only] Admin users can now set a password policy for all users on their team
  • [Enterprise only] Admin users can now force all users on their team to reset their passwords
  • [Enterprise only] Admin users can now instantly deactivate individual zkipster users on their team, preventing them from accessing the system via that account unless the admin re-enables it
  • [Enterprise only] Admin users can now enable automatic account deactivation after failed logins, and define the number of failed login attempts allowed before that triggers

Improvements & Fixes

  • User profiles now display descriptions for each role
  • Various tooltips have been upgraded to include more helpful information
  • Miscellaneous behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Various minor fixes, including ones related to usernames, logins, and account screens