Update Notes – 4.4.0

Apr 30, 2018

As teams using zkipster grow larger and have more sophisticated needs, we’ve seen an opportunity to improve aspects of how managing teams within zkipster works. This update focuses on overhauling a few key areas to make managing teams even faster and better.

  • Faster user setup workflow: The user invitation flow has been redesigned to be easier and faster, especially for adding multiple new team members at once.
  • More powerful team management console: The user management screens now show much more information (detailed below) in an easy-to-navigate format and allow editing permissions and details in bulk.
  • Revamped user roles: There are now up to 6 different types of user roles, each with different permissions, available for zkipster teams. The new roles help distribute administrative roles between account-level admins and event-level hosts, and add new supporting roles that make it easy to bring on collaborators with a limited view or share event data with sponsors and partners.

Here’s the full list:

New Features

  • [All accounts] Account owners, admins, and event hosts can invite multiple users to join a team by simply inputting the user’s email address and their new zkipster role. Each invited user will receive an invitation email containing a link to set up their own account and fill in the rest of their profile details.
  • [All accounts] Admins may now send a reset password email to individual users so that they can manually reset their own password
  • [All accounts] The user management screen now shows more information: the last time a user changed passwords, whether MFA is enabled, last log in time, and additionally displays invited users that haven’t yet created an account with the option to resend an account creation invitation
  • [All accounts] All admin actions in the user management screen can now be performed on multiple users simultaneously, including: changing roles, access, enabling and disabling users, resetting passwords, adding and removing from events, and deleting users entirely.
  • [All accounts] The user profile screen has been revamped, and now displays comprehensive information about the user’s role, and which events the user has access to. Users may be assigned to multiple events through this screen now as well.

New Team User Roles

There are now up to 6 different types of user roles in zkipster, for various needs.

A note on compatibility with previous versions of the mobile apps:

Previous versions of the apps work seamlessly, unless a user is set to one of the new roles. In that case only the updated version of the mobile apps (iOS 2.24.1 and Android 1.12.0) will work correctly, and any old version will default to the Viewer role.

Account Owner

  • Updated role: same permissions as old Administrator role
  • Only 1 exists per account
  • Can access all aspects and settings of the account and all events
  • Cannot be deleted
  • Cannot be edited by other users


  • New role: for Enterprise accounts only
  • Identical permissions to Account Owner, but cannot edit the Account Owner’s user settings

Event Host

  • Updated role: similar to old Editor role
  • Full access to all events this user is given access to
  • Can add collaborators to events
  • Can upgrade events
  • Cannot access account settings


  • New role
  • Can only access events this user is given access to
  • Can add, edit, and delete guests and guest lists
  • Cannot add collaborators to events
  • Cannot upgrade events
  • Cannot activate features
  • Cannot access event settings
  • Cannot access guest fields (settings + default)


  • Existing role: unchanged
  • No access to reporting


  • New role: all accounts
  • Same as the Viewer, but can see event reporting and download information

Improvements & Fixes

  • The help center web address is now support.zkipster.com
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements