Mar 27, 2020 by zkipster Editorial Team

Watch: Virtual Panel on Overcoming COVID-19 for the Event Industry

Watch what three industry leaders are doing right now to respond to the global health crisis, and what they think event professionals will need to do in the coming weeks and months.

In just a few short weeks, the COVID-19 crisis reshaped the professional event world. As we all scramble to keep our businesses afloat and adapt to a new reality, there’s an urgent need to come together and empower the event community. This panel brought together a group of leaders from all around the globe to help us unpack what’s happening now, prepare for what’s ahead, and help each other get through this even stronger than before.

Special thanks to Chloe Reuter, J.B. Miller, and Silvia Negri Firman for their time and thoughtful insights.

Co-hosted by David Becker (Co-Founder & CEO, zkipster) and David Adler (Founder, BizBash).





Chloé Reuter | Hong Kong & Shanghai

The founding partner of Reuter Communications, Chloé Reuter has charted her path from TV journalism to luxury marketing and communications, leading the way in luxury events across Asia.




J.B. Miller | NYC

Having worked with the most famous people on the planet for the last three decades, J.B. Miller is a legend in the events industry for creating completely immersive experiences on a global scale with his team at Empire.




Silvia Negri Firman | Milan

A Milanese miracle worker for the events world, Silvia Negri Firman is trusted by big fashion brands, world class mariners and spiritual leaders trust for their PR and communications.