See how Christie’s manages guests with zkipster


Guest Management

Powerful tools and unique insights to optimize your guest management and empower you to build, nurture and master relationships with guests.

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See how Christie’s manages guests with zkipster


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Guest profiles

  • Support your guest management and understand event attendees on a deeper level with in-depth, insightful guest profiles, created in minutes using simple templates.

  • Store and organize all the guest data you need in the guest list manager, from contact info to pictures.

  • Enrich and enhance guest profiles with nuanced details you’ve imported from spreadsheets, via integrations, or gathered during your event RSVP process, and easily make any manual changes.

Guest Relationships

Effortlessly manage nuanced relationships by linking guests together and defining their personal and professional connections.

  • Use custom color fields to instantly visualize different relationships between guests.

  • Create relationship attributes between guests so they can RSVP for each other. Immediately see the impact as linked guests automatically update.

  • Use Guest Relationships to inform seating charts, event sessions and more. Make powerful placement decisions on seating charts by visualizing related guests on the floor plan overview.

  • Defining the connections between your guests will enable you to become a more intuitive host and give your events a personal touch.

Guest pictures

Use guest pictures to enhance your guest list management.

  • Four easy ways to add guest pictures: upload your own, source via the web, request from guests during the event RSVP process, or send from your CRM via the zkipster API.

  • The system will automatically suggest saved guest pictures the next time relevant guests are invited to an event.

Create Facesheets to ensure guests are quickly recognized and taken care of accordingly at your event.

  • Toggle between a neatly-organized grid view and a profile view with biographies.

  • Provide check-in staff with a Guest Facesheet for talent-spotting and quick identity verification, facilitating discreet and seamless event check-in for VIPs.

  • Brief event stakeholders with Facesheets including detailed guest biographies.

Slick session and capacity management. Facilitate multi-day, multi-venue, multi-format events that will create demand and engage guests.

  • Craft small, restricted or distributed sessions within events to easily segment guests for workshops, panels, breakouts, special experiences, and more.

  • Create as many sessions as you need per event, including in-person, virtual and hybrid (using the native Zoom integration), and recurring sessions.

  • Display sessions on event RSVP forms for guests to choose between, and set capacities for each one.

  • Capacities are dynamic, so sessions will become unavailable when full, but it’s possible to overbook them internally to manage demand.

  • Define specific permissions and booking rights for different guest categories and guest lists.

  • All sessions can be added individually to guests’ calendars.

  • Check guests into their sessions as well as the main event when they arrive.

  • Enhance your overall event reporting with reports for each session displaying attendance, arrival times, and more.

Seamless integrations and powerful plug-ins

Use the native integration between zkipster and Salesforce to securely transfer sensitive guest data and update guest details and lists via automated workflows.

Or build your own, completely custom integrations to connect other major CRMs, ticketing platforms and more using the robust zkipster API or Zapier automations.