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Slim Manuals Easy setup Fast check-ins Arrival alerts Rich reports Secure servers Test drive Sign up One-Click payment Bulk uploads Download app Last-Minute changes Test drive
  • TEST DRIVE Test-run an event with 25 guest names unlocked.
  • SIGN UP Sign up directly or after a free test drive. All plans offer unlimited guest lists and guests.
  • ONE-CLICK PAYMENT Unlock services with a credit card or wire transfer. Money back guarantee.
  • SLIM MANUALS All functions are designed to work intuitively. That's our promise.
  • EASY SETUP Create events, guest lists and guest profiles in minutes.
  • BULK UPLOADS Upload guest lists with spread sheets and easy to use templates.
  • DOWNLOAD APP Select platform and download app free of charge. Sync guest data to tablet and mobile app in seconds.
  • FAST CHECK-IN Search, find and check-in guests in seconds. No more waiting.
  • LAST-MINUTE CHANGES Add and edit event and guest info on the fly.
  • REAL-TIME SYNC Data synchronizes automatically. Apps work offline if signal fails.
  • ARRIVAL ALERTS Trigger unlimited internal arrival alerts for important guests. Use email and/or text.
  • RICH REPORTS Don't miss out on data. Analyze all actions post-event.
  • SECURE SERVERS Be sure all guest data is safe. Our cloud servers are tried-and-true.

Event check-in on iOS and Android


Picture Add-On

zFace is a picture matching search engine, seamlessly integrated to the guest list solution.

A supplemental add-on to help event planners put a face
to a name and keep their door secure.

More Info
Works online and offline Android iOS Win

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