Guest Lists & Seating

Seamless guest list tools that help your guest management from RSVP to check-in.


Easy import and export, with data that stays yours

Create events, guest lists, and guest profiles in minutes with simple templates, or easily import from spreadsheets. It’s just as easy to export anything back out.

Organize your guests with multiple guest lists

Organize guests into general admission, press, sponsor, VIPs or whatever lists make sense. Track who and how many guests from each guest list attended, online or in-person.

Add in-depth guest profiles to support your guest management

Store whatever guest data you need in the guest list manager, from contact info to pictures using zkipster’s picture sourcing, and add any other custom details. Mark any details private you don’t want to appear for check-in staff.

zkipster is easy to use for teams and agencies

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Flexible access roles for collaborators

Assign roles like editor, viewer, and check-in only to your team and clients for easy collaboration where everyone has access to what they need.

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Sensitive guest and event data stays private and secure

All guest data is secured on banking-grade cloud servers. Your guest lists are safe and sound on zkipster. Read more on zkipster and GDPR compliance.


Create socially-distanced seating layout in minutes

Add or edit tables, expand, rotate, and label seating floorplans for any venue with the easy seating chart editor. A birds-eye view makes it easy to build room layouts for compliant traffic flow.

Add, customize, and print venue floor plans

Work with any venue, hassle-free. Just upload the floor plan of your venue, add seating, and print individual tables or the whole overview in no time.

Edit seating charts on the fly with synced guest info

Assign guests to tables straight from your list, and collaborate on seating assignments in real time with your team or clients.

See where a guest is seated directly from their profile

No need to open the seating chart every time. Seating info is saved in the guest profile at check-in, and can even be sent automatically to guests upon arrival.

Seamless integration with leading CRMs

Connect zkipster to major CRMs like Salesforce and Tessitura, or build your own custom integrations using the robust zkipster API or Zapier automations.

"zkipster does not just make the concept of managing guests with spreadsheets ridiculous - it changes the game."

Simon Mulcahy — Salesforce

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