Security Center

From day one, zkipster has been built around a strong commitment to privacy and security. We go above and beyond to protect sensitive event and guest data, with industry-leading credentials that make us unique in market.


ISO 27001 certified

ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally-recognised framework for information security management systems (ISMS). The fact that zkipster has received ISO 27001 certification means our clients can feel safe in the knowledge that their data is managed and secured to the highest standard.

SOC 2 Certification Coming Soon

SOC 2 defines criteria for managing customer data based on five ‘trust service principles’. Our SOC 2 certification is underway with cyber insurance already fully in place.

GDPR compliant

zkipster is GDPR compliant. Find out more about how we, as a data processor, support our users here.

Swiss data centers

Our data servers are based in Switzerland, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of security and data protection.

Our organization

Our long-serving Technology team is based entirely in-house, and is responsible for developing the cutting-edge tech that powers zkipster. All zkipster staff are trained in security awareness and follow our best-in-class security protocols.

Encryption level

zkipster uses strong encryption methods (256-bit SSL certificate, TLS 1.2) and key management procedures to ensure your sensitive information is protected. Access to encryption keys is held by the smallest number of zkipster employees as possible.

Hosting enviroment

zkipster hosts data on Microsoft Azure. Find out more about how Microsoft handles security here. In line with our Sustainability policy, all Microsoft Azure servers will be powered by renewable energy by 2025.

Privacy Policy

Learn more about zkipster’s Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

“Security and trust form one of our guiding
values and inform everything we do. We are
constantly innovating to ensure that zkipster
is the safest software of its kind.”

Décio Sousa, CTO, zkipster

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For more detailed information about the security protocols and
processes zkipster adheres to, please contact us.

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