Security at zkipster

General Statement on Security

The security of the information you put into zkipster is very important to us. Since the very beginning of our venture in late 2008, we have been committed to keep our clients data safe. zkipster’s founders come from a background in Swiss banking and financial services and we apply best-practice security standards to our cloud-based web-service.

In practice, zkipster uses procedural and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. When you enter guest information into zkipster, we encrypt the transmission of data from mobile and web apps to our servers.

Data Privacy

All data access on zkipster’s mobile and web apps is protected with login walls to ensure no users from outside your organization may see or modify data without you explicitly granting access.

Data Reliability

zkipster continuously replicates data between physical locations to prevent data loss using Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. Available in eight regions worldwide, Windows Azure Storage provides secure and reliable storage. Built with durability in mind, geo-replication provides redundancy of data across regions to ensure access to your data in the event of a local disaster.

Questions about security?

Contact our client relations team.