Hybrid & Virtual
Events with zkipster

Create engaging virtual experiences now with an event solution that’s prepared for live and hybrid events coming back.

Online Event Features

Capture your event data in one place

Capture all your valuable event data in one place, with one seamless guest management workflow for live and virtual. Leverage the insights to plan better and more effective events.

Manage Zoom events with zkipster guest lists

Enjoy a seamless native integration with the leading provider. Easily transfer Zoom signups to zkipster guest lists, and make setting up RSVPed video events a snap.

Flexibly switch formats between live, virtual and hybrid events

Control every stage of guest attendance, protect the health of guests and staff, and quickly adapt your events to what real-world situations permit.

Integrate your full digital toolkit through Zapier

Connect everything you use for virtual events with easy building blocks powered by Zapier. Automate tedious manual tasks and unlock smart new ways to improve your guest experience. See the growing list of supported integrations.

Flexible, safe session & capacity management

Craft small or distributed sessions within events to easily segment guests for workshops, panels, breakouts, special experiences, and more, all while monitoring capacity from check-in and check-out data.

"Making the jump from live to virtual has been seamless with zkipster, and we’re excited about new opportunities we have for flexible event formats."

Tamar Podell — Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

See how your virtual events
and hybrid events can work on zkipster.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Zoom integration work?
Unlike many other integrations on other event platforms, the zkipster Zoom integration is native and built directly in collaboration with Zoom’s development team, following their stringent integration protocols. For you, that means a reliable and well-tested experience that is ready to go in just a few clicks. For more specific details, read the zkipster Zoom integration FAQ.
What other kinds of integrations are possible with other tools?
Professional and Enterprise users have access to a robust network of different integration options based on their plan, including Zapier, Salesforce, and the zkipster API for custom integrations. For more details, please see this article on the types of zkipster integrations.