Aug 07, 2014 by David Becker

5 Tips for Hiring Event Security Teams

Organizing an event can be stressful. What’s more, when sorting out stages and ticketing, it’s easy to forget safety. Safety is paramount during any event. By hiring the right security staff, you benefit by limiting your liabilities in addition to keeping everyone safe.

When security is involved, it’s important to find a team that is legitimate and trustworthy to keep your event running smoothly. Try these tips to find top-notch security that can best suit your needs.

1. Research Multiple Security Organizations Prior To the Event

Shop around to find a security company that you are comfortable with. Conduct interviews with several staff members to ensure your needs match their skill set. You should also ask questions that pertain specifically to your type of event. You can even brainstorm a sample safety management plan for your event to see the types of services they offer.

2. Verify All Licenses and Certifications

Your security staff should be trained in CPR, First Aid and even AED to properly attend to any emergency situation. These days, a basic certification is required for guards to join a security firm; each territory has its own regulations so feel free to ask for a copy of the documentation. Previous performance assessments can also be a good indicator of their quality of work.

3. Find Security Staff Familiar with Your Type of Event

Security personnel can specialize in a wide range of events. Finding a team that is accustomed to a specific type of occasion can be invaluable in emergency situations. For example, if you are hosting a concert, try finding security members that are familiar with the layouts of music venues. By hiring a team with such experience, you can be sure your guests will well looked after and attended to in whatever setting you create.

4. Choose a Security Team with a Range Of Services

A security team experienced in different levels of protection is a great indicator of experience. Even if you don’t plan to use a high level of security, knowing the firm offers elite security services exudes credibility. Some organizations have further training in surveillance or weaponry. Look for well-rounded approachable staff with proper training, in addition to proven dependability and a good dose of common sense.

5. Maintain Open Communication and Transparency

Clearly define your goals and standards for the event in order to book a security team that will carry out your initiatives. Excellent verbal skills on your part are a must so that your security team understands your needs, and can resolve any conflict with words as opposed to forceful action.
To ensure your guests are comfortable, effective security for your event should be on the top of your list. Be sure to budget appropriately for this added expense. You want your guests to have a positive experience, and you can’t put a price on safety. For even more information on event security read Hiring Event Security Services: What You Should Know.

Naomi Fuller contributes for Crowd Control Barriers, offering quality made, safe and easy-to-use pedestrian barriers for all types of events. They are located in all major capital cities in Australia. For more information visit their website here.