How to Maximize Your Guest List App

As planners and guests alike adjust to a digital check-in, we wanted to share some tips to help maximize all of the positives a check-in app has to offer.

One of the biggest advantages to using a guest list app over a paper check-in is speed. Making the switch alone saves you tons of time at check-in, but with these steps in mind, you can get your event check-in process down to just 2.5 seconds per person.

Think About Your Door Setup First

First, set your event entrance up for success. We’ve found that having one tablet device for every 150 to 200 expected guests is the ideal ratio to keeping lines short and wait times low.

Remember that all it takes to search for someone’s name accurately is the first three letters of their last name. Most people can type three letters in 2.5 seconds, right?

Have additional staff ready at check-in. Often, your guest list staff becomes the default for guests to turn to with questions, which can hold up your check-in process. Try having someone available to direct traffic right after guests have been checked in, or setting up an information table where people can go to ask questions. These staff members can also address any problems that arise during check-in, like guests who haven’t RSVP’d or event crashers. Some of our clients call these folks “Event Captains” – why not.

Structure Your App According To Your Needs

Your app also has the power to keep you organized and prepared. Make the most of an app’s ability to put a lot more details at your fingertips and synch information across the board.

Make use of additional columns and notes. Having your check-in staff prepared and in-the-know leads to an impressive, professional first impression for your event. Some details you may want to keep track of are whether or not the guest has VIP status, seating arrangements, payment information, or special needs. Creating an internal code or shorthand for this keeps your app streamlined and organized.

Take advantage of the alerts system. When those guests you’ve identified as VIP arrive, you can use your app to send a discreet message to those on your staff who need to be prepared for their arrival. Alternatively you can use the alert system to inform guests about important details like their seat number.

Expand Your Guest List App Step By Step

With check-in sorted and in good hands, you can expand the use of technology beyond your door. Trust me, everybody does.

Use wireless printing to have name badges or escort cards ready upon arrival. Guests can pick up any materials they may need at the information table just inside your event. Your staff at this table can also be armed with your app to give them easy access to your event’s seating chart to help guide each guest to the proper place.

Get your guests connected to social media right as they arrive. Set up your app to send everyone your event’s information for each social media platform right as they’re checked in.

Fuel your seating allocation with real-time guest data. Integrate your seating chart with your guest list app, handle chances last minute and share the “who-sits-next-to-whom” with your clients at any point in time.

No matter what your needs are when you’re looking to digitize your check-in process, there’s sure to be an app that’s a good fit for you. With these tips, you’re on your way to making your guests’ arrival faster, smoother, and more secure.