The 3 Best Ways To Keep A Secure Guest List

Nobody likes a party crasher. These days they seem to be popping up everywhere. The best way to keep these uninvited guests out is to make sure your guest list stays secure.

As a guest list management company, you can bet we’ve seen it all, from your run of the mill identity thief to the more daring guy or gal who hides in the trunk of a car. It’s difficult to stop people who are so desperate to go that they hide in trunks, but we’re pretty sure that if you follow our tips you can keep out anyone who tries to come through your door uninvited.

1.Keep your guest list to yourself. It’s human instinct that a guest will want to lean over you and look at your guest list. You ask for their name and they will normally scan and point, “There I am.” Do not let them do this. If they’re a guest it’s fine, but they could just be searching for a name to say in order to get in. It’s better for you to guard your iPad or tablet and keep it close to your chest. If you find this difficult, they’re are some great privacy screens available that will darken your screen from prying eyes. This will physically give you a secure guest list.

2.Limit access to the guest list. This one is pretty intuitive. The more people that have access to your user name and password, the more likely your guest list is going to have names you don’t recognize on it. Keep the number of people who have access to your list to a minimum and please, please don’t make your password any of the ones on this list!

3.Add pictures of guests. One tried and true method of party crashers is to assume the identity of someone else. We call this event identity theft. Some have even been known to take the names of top magazine editors. The best way to combat this is to have a picture of the guest next to their name. This used to be a painstaking process, often delegated to sad interns but now it’s possible to search and add pictures to your guest list with one click of a button! So no more excuses!

If you follow these tips I’m sure you’ll be able to keep your party crashers percentage down to zero. Rejoice fellow event planners! The uninvited guest’s reign of terror is over! And take a look at our Inforgraphic of the Worst types of event crashers here.

How else do you keep your guest list secure? Let us know in the COMMENTS section! Happy planning!