The Top 3 Social Media Metrics You Need To Keep Track Of

When you’re using social media for your event, you’ll be flooded with information about how your guests took your ideas and ran with them.

But how do you make sense of it all, and what should you even look for? There are several metrics to analyze when it comes to social media, and they vary across the platforms, but they all essentially fall into these three categories:
1.Engagement: Did your event and social media strategies actually get people talking? What were they responding to, and what were they coming up with on their own? Here you’ll be looking at what your guests are saying and how it affects you and your clients. You’ll look at the number of Facebook posts or likes, Tweets, or Instagram posts, as well as comments on your posts and how many times your event’s hashtag (if you created one) was used.

2.Reach: How many people did you engage and who were they? How did your guests extend your reach into their networks? Not only would you look at the base number of posts your event inspired, but how many more people you reached through interacting with your guests’ posts. This will include statistics like the number of shares on Facebook or Retweets on Twitter. You’ll also look at who was boosting your message the most to help streamline your target audience.

3.Conversion: How many people took action because of your social media strategies? Did this lead to increased traffic to your client’s website, higher sales, more customers? Now we’re down to the nitty gritty to make sure your efforts were a success where it counts the most. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to slog through all of this data yourself. There are plenty of tools available to help you easily and efficiently answer these questions to ensure that your event and social media strategy was a success and help you figure out how to best plan future events.

If you’re keeping track of these 3 metrics your sure to be successful in you social media endeavors. To help you measure your engagement check out our other post The 5 Best Tools to Measure Social Media Engagement.

Happy Planning!