The Worst Party Crashers

Yes, Wedding Crashers might be a hilarious movie, but when it comes to your event, event crashing is somehow less humorous. Here are the top five most common event crashers, and a few tips for handling each.

The Check-In RSVP

It’s no doubt that this guest had good intentions, but if they show up with their invitation and RSVP card, they clearly forgot a crucial step. Luckily, most events have a few no-shows, so you’ll likely be able to accommodate those extra attendees.

The Guest +1

Whether your invite included the offer of a plus one or not, you’ll likely have guests who will try to bring along a friend or two. After all, parties are always better with friends.

If your event has enough space to accommodate additional guests, let your check-in team members know that they are authorized to allow those plus ones. Using a guest list app can help you keep a running total on just how many guests have checked in (both those who’ve RSVP’d and those who haven’t) so you’re sure you don’t exceed a set number.

The Late RSVP

While they might have technically sent in their RSVP, they missed the deadline by at least a couple of weeks. Meaning you weren’t planning for them in your catering, seating, and gift bag orders. Help out your check-in staff by having a list of these attendees at the ready. That way they will know whether or not they can check in the guests without having to check in with the client.

The Identity Thief

The cardinal rule of check-in for a high profile event: keep your friends close and your guest list closer. The identity thief will attempt to sneak a peek at your list for a guest who hasn’t yet checked in, and use their name to gain entry. Which causes problems when the actual guest shows up and you’re showing they’ve already been admitted. Using the photo check-in option can help cut down on identity thieves crashing your party.

The Fake Celeb

Okay, so we all know these crashers aren’t really celebrities, but they do try to pull VIP status at the door. The most common question: “Don’t you know who I am?” This can be especially challenging if your check-in staff are volunteers who don’t know all your VIPs by sight, and are concerned about offending guests.

The easiest and most effective way to handle all your party crashers is to have a designated staff member in charge of handling questions. They should have spoken with the client and know whom they can authorize to attend the event and whom they should be turning away.