Using Event Management Software in the Art World for Online Invitations

Tania Cavallo, Senior Communications and Events Manager at Artsy—a NYC-based online platform for collecting and learning about art—talks about streamlining event invitations, RSVPs, and check in.

In the arts world, as with so many other high-stakes events, first impressions can make or break the guest experience. Tania talks about the painstaking process of event check ins in the past: “The first interaction you had with the event planner or your host is someone having a list – a stack of lists with 500 names on it, with highlighters and pencils – and it would take so long for them to check your name off.” This exhaustive process meant long lines just to enter an event. As a guest’s first impression of the event at the door, something needed to change.

On the hunt for a solution, Tania tried zkipster, which she found helped her take a chaotic workflow and turn it into a smooth integrated process from custom online invitations to check in. Now at Artsy events, Tania says “everything is done on an iPad or on your phone, and it’s such a seamless process… you immediately have a great experience from the moment you enter the party”.

But first impressions are made even in the RSVP communications. For Tania and her team, switching to online RSVPs meant switching to seamless communication. Artsy sends personalized event invitations to hundreds of guests for every event, and in their old system that could mean 20 or more hours of work, not to mention massive email threads back and forth. With so many highly discerning guests making requests, Tania says it’s vital to have all that information centralized into one place.

Being able to have all of the necessary information in one place means that Tania and her team can focus on the event itself, not just the event invitation and check in process. “If we’re confident that the check in process is seamless and easy, we don’t have to worry about it – we can worry about anything else that could potentially happen during an event.”

If you want a workflow like Tania’s, try getting started using zkipster for free.