Why We Love Magnetic Name Tags (And You Should Too!)

When people say it’s the little things in life make us happy, they must be talking about magnetic name tags because these babies are little and they make me super happy!

It seems like such a small detail, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about the industry, it’s that event planning is all about the small details.


I generally feel that name badges make the world a better place. Next time you’re at a store where the associate’s have name tags, address that person by their first name and watch how they react. I’d wager to bet that the person will at first be a little surprised at the act, but then will give you better service and attention. I believe this is because the act of using a person’s first name creates a sense of connection with that person, a sense that you know each other even though you’ve only just met. There’s a feeling of respect.

NAME TAGS AT EVENTSName_Tag_No_Mark_Christina_Olenick

The same is true when you’re using name tags at events. By removing the need to ask someone’s name, they take some of the awkwardness out of networking and meeting new people. How then, can we improve on these small but important event tools? One way is by investing in magnetic name badges.


I first started thinking about magnetic name badges at a recent event I worked during the Super Bowl. There were many NFL Players in attendance and to differentiate the current players from retired players, each current player was given a magnetic pin. When I would first inform them about the pin, some were hesitant to wear the pin and damage their clothing, until they heard it was magnetic. It’s nice to know that even men will worry about their wardrobe!
NFL_Magnetic_PinPersonally, I hate it when I’m required to wear a name holder or a pin that later leaves holes in my clothes. The longer you wear the pin the bigger the hole becomes. It can also be a huge annoyance to take the time to clasp. In light of this, I decided to test out a magnetic name badge holder recently and it worked beautifully! No holes, it was easy to put on and the magnet itself was super strong. I wasn’t worried about it falling off at all! Magnetic name badges are definitely the way to go.


Do you use or have you seen magnetic name tags used at any events? Do you like them? Let us know in the COMMENTS section! For more Event Ideas check out our post on Event Videos