zkipster is Climate Neutral Certified

As we emerge from the global pandemic, climate change is the single most important challenge facing humanity.

With zkipster technology powering the best events around the globe and a team based in ten cities across three continents, we believe we have a responsibility to do what we can to reduce our own environmental impact, as well as the overall impact of the event industry. We’re proud to join the 300+ other Climate Neutral Certified brands as well as our peers and partners who are taking meaningful steps to protect our planet.

Climate Neutral

What is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is a non-profit committed to solving climate change by making carbon neutrality simple and accessible. Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral says, “Consumers hold massive power to shape the economy, and their power is exerted through the actions of the brands they support. With our climate label, we’re helping consumers find the brands that are willing to invest immediately in climate solutions.”

How did we achieve carbon neutrality?

With the help of Climate Neutral, we measured and offset our carbon emissions for 2020, and put a plan in place to reduce our emissions going forward.


We measured our operational data to estimate our 2020 carbon footprint at 203 tCO2e. To reach this number, we looked at all the emissions created when making and delivering our services, including our supply chain emissions, employee commuting, business travel, and utility bills.

Climate Neutral


We offset our entire carbon footprint by purchasing verified carbon credits that fund climate change solutions. These carbon credits support a portfolio of projects including several avoiding deforestation, and others investing in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.

Climate Neutral


Lastly, we created a Reduction Action Plan to help reduce our future carbon footprint. For example, our cloud infrastructure provider, Microsoft Azure, has made a host of sustainable commitments, including switching to 100% renewable energy by 2025. We’re committed to creating a ‘climate of consistency’, in which measuring, offsetting and reducing our emissions becomes an integral part of zkipster’s company culture.

The event industry can no longer ignore climate change

We’re sharing our path to net-zero both so that our clients and colleagues can hold us accountable, and also in the hope of inspiring change in an industry that “can generate significant emissions and frequently output wasteful materials.” To cite just one example, diesel used in generators at outdoor events in the UK makes up almost 1.5% of overall diesel usage, with emissions equivalent to adding 220,000 extra cars to UK roads every day. As noted by EventManagerBlog, the event industry tends to focus on short-term wins, but in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we must take a long-term view, taking action to make events more sustainable and reduce the overall carbon footprint of our industry – together.

Taking climate action together

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is just the start for zkipster. Find out more about what we’re doing to preserve and protect our planet at our new online Sustainability hub. We’re keen to partner with other Climate Neutral brands as well as collaborate with our existing clients to build a more sustainable future.

Climate Neutral