Enterprise Guest
List Platform

Enable guest experiences produced to the highest standards with zkipster’s most advanced offering.

Designed for industry leaders

Unlock full productivity and actionable data

Standardize the way you host guests around the world. All event data lives in one place, enabling more insight sharing across your team, more collaboration on guest experience, and more ROI from your events.

Holistically manage risk

From automated workflows to advanced user permissions and global compliance protocols, all features work in tandem to ensure only the right people have access to the right information of your most valuable audiences.

Unify global brand & compliance standards

Moving to a unified zkipster workspace helps equip your event team to easily follow bespoke standards for brand representation at every touchpoint for your guests, and empowers your creative talent to do their best work.

Modular components for solutions specific to you

Connect your digital toolkit with zkipster through the custom API, Zapier integrations, native Salesforce integration, or other combinations tailored to your event program needs.

Enterprise-grade guest management features for event producers, IT professionals, brand managers, and more.

Expedited and transparent onboarding, tailored to you.

Supported by an expert team with 30+ years of combined event experience and thousands of events organized.

Let's elevate your global event program for the new world of events.