Aug 22, 2016 by David Becker

Guest List App Becomes Seamless One-Stop Event Management Software

We started out to become the gold standard in digital guest list management. We can proudly say that we did it. Now it’s time to add invitations to our offering: an impressive set of features to manage RSVP and invitations for the world’s best events.

Our new invitation feature marks the culmination of almost one year of development. It has been amazing to get such qualified feedback from passionate zkipster customers around the world. We’ve had a phenomenal response to the product since we began our private alpha back in spring and we are now ready to roll out invitations on zkipster to the whole world of event planning. If you are new to zkipster, you can test the full capability by signing up here.

We believe that smart guest list management starts with segmenting guests into buckets, like attendees, media, VIP, and more. This allows hosts to channel communications towards distinct groups, and that’s where you can use custom online invitations on zkipster: right at the intersection of guest list curation and actual guest check-in at events.

“Every feature is designed to be simple to use, but with expanded options when you need them; whether it’s for an intimate gathering or a complex event with thousands of guests.”

Invitations can be turned on and off for your event at any point, seamlessly connecting whenever needed with all other zkipster features in real-time. We are confident that this will again change the way events are being planned.


Co-Founder David Becker on zkipster’s invitation feature

Brands want better control of their online invitation process and the consumer data they upload into the cloud. Event professionals have little interest in event software management companies that expose their events on public listings and market their guests post-event without having them opt-in first.

That’s why invitations on zkipster let you fully customize your communications to be on-brand, make it quick and easy for your guests to RSVP, and are designed for event professionals who value the information and privacy of their guests.

Here’s why invitations on zkipster stand out:

  • Responsive designs allow your guests to see and respond to your invitation emails and forms in seconds from their phone or laptop – on any browser, and from anywhere in the world.
  • Reliable and industry trusted technology optimizes invitations for email delivery to guests’ inboxes, not their spam folders.
  • Invitation preferences allow you to lock invitations to the guests that you invited, without unwanted transfers of invitations, or lock edits to their names and other details that you pick.
  • Real-time statistics show you invitation opens, clicks, RSVP status, and more insights that influence guest show up rate and event success.
  • Powerful collaboration features help you preview and test your invitations with your team before sending them, and allow you to share real-time statistics once invitations are sent.

Every feature is designed to be simple to use, but with expanded options when you need them; whether it’s for an intimate gathering or a complex event with thousands of guests.


Overview tutorial on zkipster’s new invitation feature

We want to make sure that hosts get the right people to their events. Seamless communications and active engagement with prospects is key to achieve that, which is why zkipster – unlike other event software management platforms – doesn’t charge by the number of emails sent.

We are very excited! Learn more about our brand new custom online invitations.