zkipster company culture

In the decade or so since it was founded, zkipster has become a trusted global authority for guest management in the special events world.

High profile brands and businesses rely upon our tech, and it powers the world’s best and most buzzed about events and guest experiences. Many people don’t realize that we’re a small company, relatively speaking, given how much we’ve achieved. Our impressive output is thanks to our elegant, simple-to-use product and our talented team, but also to the company culture we’ve created. From zkipster’s inception, it was crucial for our founders to build a business with integrity: a principle that applies to the company culture and employee environment as much as to the way we do business, and one that zkipster has always stuck by.

We are the global authority for special events and guests.

Our team has grown gradually over the years, much like the company itself, and many of us have been with zkipster for several years: staff turnover is very low. We have a wealth of shared experience, both in software development and in events themselves. Our founders come from an event background – they created zkipster to solve a problem they had encountered first-hand: the inefficiency of using paper guest lists for event check-in – and many of our client relations team do too. Between us we have more than 110 years of event experience, and several of us joined zkipster having previously used the software to manage events. This expertise and understanding, coupled with the technical skill and rigor the product and engineering team bring to the table, mean that zkipster is ideally positioned to deliver our mission.

To provide powerful event tools and unique insights to build, nurture and master relationships with guests.

Though zkipster was born in Zürich, Switzerland, (hence the ‘z’ in the name!) we’ve always had an international outlook. Our team is multinational, multilingual and multicultural, and this helps zkipster have a global perspective and presence. We’re open and adaptable: not tied to one place, one culture or one way of managing events.

The fact that the zkipster team is dotted around the globe meant that remote working was built into our company culture long before the pandemic hit. It meant that we could not only adapt to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders with minimal upheaval, but also that we already understood how to collaborate effectively with our colleagues from afar. Having an international team, we are aware of and sensitive to our colleagues’ unique circumstances; something that was especially important when facing the challenges brought by Covid. The same sensitivity and awareness is also front and center when we’re interacting with our clients. And the honesty and transparency we apply to our pricing structure and our client relationships also applies to the way we communicate with each other.

“Our company’s reputation has been built over a decade in the world of special events. Becoming the category leader does not happen overnight: at zkipster we have earned our clients’ trust, retained our talented team and innovated constantly, all while staying true to our values and our company culture.”


There might be long distances and multiple time zones between us, but the zkipster team is close knit and closely connected. Having the chance to reunite and reconnect in person on a team trip to Dubai in early 2022, after more than two years apart, was one for the books. zkipster leadership, headed up by Daniel, our CEO, invests in the team as a whole, bringing everyone together as often as possible, and in each team member as an individual. We’re given both freedom and responsibility, opportunities and encouragement, and it inspires us to go above and beyond in what we do. 

“We know where zkipster is headed, and we’re super focused on our mission, but at the heart of our company culture is the fact that Daniel, CTO Décio and I want the team to enjoy the journey as much as possible, and to feel excited about the process. We believe it makes zkipster a unique and special place to work.”